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Dec 23, 2021 at 1:50pm ET

It seems like every Canadian has, at one time or another, been caught off-guard by winter weather or treacherous driving conditions. It’s not like we don’t know bad weather is coming; it happens at pretty much the same time every year. This year, get a jump on winter weather hazards by stocking your vehicle with these game-changing items, all of which can be found right here on eBay Motors.

1. Ice Scraper

Shop for ice scrappers at eBay Motors

One of the most quintessential items that every good Canadian needs to have in their car is a heavy-duty, high-quality ice scraper, preferably one with a high-volume snow brush, too. This style of  ice scraper – easily found on eBay Motors – has all the features you need to survive another tough winter. 

We really like the all-aluminum bad boy from Kungs Mega, as it includes a super-strong, six-edge, polycarbonate scraper that will make short work of ice and frost on your windows. Designed and produced in Finland, this particular model comes backed by a three-year warranty and is capable of extending up to 30.3 inches in length, allowing you to easily access those hard-to-reach spots. The twist-lock extending handle is made from durable, but ultra-lightweight aluminum and will last you for years.

2. Jumper Cables

Shop for jumper cables at eBay Motors

Whether you know how to use them or not, keeping a set of jumper cables readily accessible in the trunk of your car can be a huge time saver in the event of a dead battery. There’s never a worse time to be stuck with a car that won’t start than when the temps are frigid and it’s either getting dark fast or it’s already nighttime, which we all know comes quickly during Canadian winters. 

Look for jumper cables that measure at least 16-20 feet in length and are long enough to easily reach between vehicles. Heavy-duty 4-gauge cables with copper-plated clamps are a must to promote excellent and safe conductivity. An ampere rating of 400 or higher should be plenty strong enough for most passenger vehicles. Steer clear of flimsy-looking cables with smaller clamps that can easily become dislodged from battery terminals.

3. Tow Straps

Shop for tow straps at eBay Motors

While maybe not on the top of everyone’s roadside emergency checklist, carrying a strong and rugged set of tow straps can save you or another stranded motorist hours waiting on a tow truck. While some tow straps can be had at many price points, you want to make sure you’re not sacrificing quality for cost when you’re buying them.

We’re fans of the 8,500-pound set from Erickson complete with hooks. These straps are designed with ultra-strong, brightly coloured webbing that’s meant to absorb jerky movements while holding up against damaging corrosion and moisture. Look for hooks that are made from forged alloy steel. This beefy set of straps can pull vehicles weighing up to 4,250 pounds. The straps are generously wide at 2-inches, and at 15-feet long, …….

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