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COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Craig Reagan, Aggie class of ’02, spends most of his day watching the news, using the computer, and snuggling with his pets and young daughter Sofia.

He was once able to build homes, work on cars, and take long camping trips with the family. But six years of living with ALS has taken away all basic mobility.

“ALS can happen to anybody at any time, and the reason is unknown,” Reagan said.

After attending a high school reunion last month in his hometown of New Caney, Reagan [now a College Station resident] caught up with all his old buddies. The group of men all share a common love of classic cars and conceived a novel idea for their friend; to refurbish and rebuild Reagan’s 1973 Mach 1 Ford Mustang that he drove as a teen.

“The majority of us classmates had not seen each other for 37 years,” said Brett McMath, a high school friend of Reagan’s.

The friends have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for car parts, and are already making a lot of progress, all for the goal of bringing Reagan joy.

“Craig has brought a group of people together that were just kind of Facebook friends,” McMath said. “And now we’re spending days every week together.”

Reagan has worked hard to reach out to legislators and promote public awareness of new medications going through clinical trials. He’s particularly excited about the Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. drug NurOwn, which has now passed Phase III of clinical trials, according to Reuters.

Reagan said the medications he’s taken so far have not reversed his symptoms, only slowed their progression.

“The Mayo Clinic, six years ago this week, gave me 20 to 23 months to live.”

With the support of friends like his high school buddies, and with hope for medical developments Reagan remains resilient. He remains resilient for those he loves the most like his wife Nancy, a stewardess for Southwest and Reagan’s primary caregiver.

She likes to imagine the potential for medical advancement in ALS treatment.

“You know, we want to continue our lives and dreams with our children,” she said. “If we could get this drug and have any kind of improvement at all, where he could use his limbs where he could possibly walk and drive again, we could just be normal and look to the future instead of thinking that he’s stuck.”

To donate towards the car restoration GoFundMe, visit the following link:

Fundraiser for Craig Reagan by Staci Ryan Wood : ALS can’t keep Craig’s Mach 1 down! (



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