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February 14, 2022 by No Comments

Maybe it’s too good to be true, but the iconic DeLorean sports car from the 1980s is getting a modern-day revival. 

On Sunday, the Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company released a video during the Super Bowl pregame that teased the development of a new sports car. The video shows a vehicle shrouded in darkness, and for a brief moment, you catch a glimpse of the car’s signature gull-wing doors and silver outer body. 

A tagline appears on the screen: “The future was never promised.” A tweet from the company also features the teaser clip with the words #ElectricVehicle. 

That’s all we know for now. The DeLorean Motor Company website asks interested users to sign up to receive emails with details on the future vehicle over the coming months. 

The original DeLorean vehicle is best known for being the time machine in the Back to The Future movie franchise. However, only around 9,000 of them were built after the first DeLorean Motor Company in Northern Ireland went bankrupt due to the sports car’s high price, underwhelming performance, and quality control issues. (For more, Netflix released a documentary last year on the life and career of John DeLorean.)

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The new DeLorean Motor Company later acquired the trademarks, intellectual property, and the remaining car parts from the original firm, according to Popular Mechanics. The company initially planned on producing old-school DeLorean vehicles using a mix of original and new parts. But the new teaser suggests a more cutting-edge remake is in the works. 


In the meantime, the new DeLorean Motors has told local media in Texas it will have headquarters in San Antonio, citing the city’s car manufacturing ecosystem and access to talented workers. But according to Fox News 29 San Antonio, the company is still evaluating where it’ll manufacture the future vehicles.

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