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My personal experience with NON-OE auto pasts has not been good at all and often Its come back to bite me on my behind.

BHPian Captain Slow recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The question everyone always asks – Should you buy non-OE auto parts?

Being a kind of DIY guy, my car and bike very-very rarely goes into the workshop for any kind of repair or maintenance. As we all know good quality spares (and a good reliable mechanic) (I WILL NEVER TRUST THE ONLINE CHAIN OF MECHANICS AND REPAIR APPS) can keep your car/bike running like new for a very very long time.

Getting good quality parts is not always easy.

OE car parts are tried tested and their quality is always good.

PROS of OE car parts:

  • Tested.
  • Proven quality.
  • Better life.
  • 100% Compatibility guaranteed.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Saves you time and money (read more).

CONS of OE car parts:

  • Sometimes can be hard to find (Honda, VW, Toyota ETC don’t like to sell parts over the counter).
  • Long wait times for some rare parts.
  • Expensive (sometimes 2x – 3x the price of a non-OE PART.

Non-OE parts are easy to find and cheap.

PROS of non-OE car parts:

  • Easy to find.
  • Much much cheaper than OE Parts.

CONS of non-OE car parts:

  • Poor quality.
  • Untested.
  • Unreliable.
  • Doesn’t last too long.
  • Compatibility is not always guaranteed.

Ever heard of the saying penny wise pound foolish? Well buying NON-OE parts is exactly doing this!

My personal experience with NON-OE auto pasts has not been good at all and often Its come back to bite me on my behind. Costing you time (which according to me is more valuable than a few Rs. 100/1000 for the parts).

Example 1 – Suspension parts Ford:

The original inner, outer tie rods and stabilizer links lasted until about 65-70K KM! The first time these went bad they were replaced by a brand called Rane (these things lasted for another 10 – 15K KM and once again at 88K KM we replaced them with a brand called Monroe – During this time it was observed that the front struts were weak and needed a change soon. Fast forward to 2022 now that we are back to using the cars during a routine check @ 98K KM, It was found that the inner, outer tie rods and stabilizer links are bust yet again!

The Ford OE link rod costs about 1,000 for each side! while the other brands sell them for about Rs. 600-800 a pair.

First time – Rane brand.

Second time – Monroe.

Gearbox mount – Ford.

OE mounted lasted until 70K KM.

Noticed a broken mount during inspection – Replaced with a no-brand local mount.

During 88K – Gearbox mount kaput again. Replaced with a brand called Technix.

Inspection at 98K – Gearbox mount goes kaput again.

Having brunt my hands with non-OE auto parts 2 times over this time I did not want to take any risk and waste my …….



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