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Train-related accidents are the scariest kind of collisions due to the sheer mass of the trains and their inability to stop on time. A Brightline train in Lantana, Florida collided with a car carrier truck that was stranded on the tracks, sending luxury vehicles into the air. Thankfully there were no injuries reported, although the cost of the damage must be pretty high for the insurance company.

The accident took place last month at West Pine Street and South Dixie Highway in Lantana. A truck carrying several premium cars and SUVs was stuck on the raised train tracks, due to the length of the trailer. Bystanders, including YouTube user Ekonoman were filming as the Brightline trail traveling southbound approached at high speed. As is the case with similar incidents, the heavyweight train didn’t have enough time to stop.

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Video YouTube/Ekonoman

Predictably, the train hit the trailer with great force, sending an Audi S5 Cabriolet and various car parts several meters into the air while causing damage to other vehicles including a Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography. We can also see a Porsche Cayenne and a BMW X5 that narrowly escaped the crash and miraculously didn’t end up on the tarmac retaining their spot on the trailer. The train engine car also sustained damage from the collision, with broken windshields and a deformed bumper.

Collisions between Brightline trains and other vehicles are a common occurrence in Florida, despite the fact that crossings are marked. A few months ago, we saw footage of another crash between a Brightline train and a 1999 Honda Civic that got in the way with the seriously injured driver being rushed to the hospital.

Screenshot YouTube/ WPTV, Roblox



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