Businesses in Duchesne County are out thousands of dollars after string of thefts –

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The Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office says they have reports of 12 theft cases since March 1. (Alex Cabrero, KSL-TV)

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DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah — You can find a little bit of everything at G.T. Enterprises in Duchesne.

What Guy Taylor found, though, is what has him so angry.

“They cut the seats right there,” he said while pointing to the inside of his truck. “The battery is gone right here, too.”

Taylor owns this car repair and tow shop and found he was missing tools, car parts, and a bunch of other items because someone got onto his property and stole them.

Car jacks, catalytic converters, and tool sets worth close to $10,000 are gone.

You think your fencing and all of that would be secure enough, but no, it’s not. If they want in, they’re going to get in,” he said. “You really feel violated.”

He’s not the only business owner in this area feeling that way.

The Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office says they have reports of 12 theft cases since March 1.

Detectives don’t know if these cases are connected but have put pictures of a man on their Facebook page they would like to question.

Those pictures are from surveillance cameras some of the business owners had on their property.

“Most of them are in this type of business or related, you know?” Taylor said. “So, they know what they’re after. They know where the tools are. They know where that kind of stuff is.”

The latest business hit was this past weekend, just down the road from Taylor’s shop.

Keith Farnsworth, who owns an excavation company with the same name, says he’s out nearly $100,000.

“I mean, they stole stuff that I’ve been working for twenty years. I mean, tools that I seriously bought in high school that I used to rebuild my first truck with,” he said.

Farnsworth also believes the person, or group of people, who did this knew what they were doing.

“We’re doing a job right now that I don’t have the tools to do,” he said. “But I signed a contract. What do I do? I have to get it done.”

It’s not just the losses these business owners are facing now, it’s also the losses they’re facing tomorrow.

“Like, I have to seriously turn down jobs because we don’t have the tools to do it now,” Farnsworth said.

“Hopefully we’ll catch them,” Taylor said.


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