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July 5, 2022 by No Comments

AKRON, Ohio — Evan Lease, a part adviser at BMW of Akron, said a common part that’s scarce is an engine control module. They’re in high demand, yet there’s a low supply. There’s no workaround for a broken one, other than replacing it. 

What You Need To Know

  • Akron BMW says there is a shortage of car parts 
  • Due to the shortage, some cars can’t be fixed and are stuck in the lot
  • The dealer doesn’t have a timeline as to when they’ll get more parts from BMW

“These cars are not safe nor drivable currently without these modules,” Lease said. 

He showed Spectrum News a chart by BMW that showed there are more than 1,800 needed for replacement at dealerships across the country, but there are only about 100 being shipped out due to a manufacturing shortage. BMW said on the memo that there is no timeline as to when more will be made. 

“Usually, we have at least a general consensus when things are leaving Germany, and when they’re leaving the continental distribution center here in the United States,” Lease said. “With no ETA, that’s very concerning from us.”

Lease said it’s likely due to a production shortage. It’s left a BMW X4 in the lot for more than a month. It’s not going anywhere until the parts arrive. 

“Because of that back order quantity, were not able to supply the customer with any more information. Besides, we’re still on back order,” he said. “BMW can’t do anything, and we can’t either.”

Lease said they don’t store any of them in the shop. They only order one if someone needs one, since one of them can cost thousands of dollars.



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