Commissioners fine Stroh area man for public nuisance violation –

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LAGRANGE — A familiar face returned to the LaGrange County Commissioners’ chamber Monday morning to once again answer charges that the property he and his family live on is again in violation of the LaGrange County public nuisance ordinance.

The property, 3445 South C.R. 1145E, is controlled by Gene Neely/ BawldGuy Note Investment Group 1, San Diego, California. Neely and his family live at the home.

Tony Manns, an associate lawyer with the law firm Beers Mallers, conducted a public hearing on the nuisance violation.

Neely has been cited before for violating the county’s nuisance ordnance. He still owes the $4,800 from his last nuisance case.

Bill Stewart, the LaGrange County Code Enforcement officer said he started receiving complaints about Neely’s property last spring. He told the commissioners the property was littered with cars and car parts, construction materials, trash, and other debris that was piled up around the home.

Stewart said he started visiting the property in mid-March and left a notice informing Neely that the property was in violation of the county’s nuisance ordinance.

Steward said he continued to visit the property on an almost weekly basis looking for any signs the violations were being addressed. The matter was continued in June and again in July.

Stewart told the commissioners Monday that Neely has made some progress in recent weeks, moving some of the materials behind a fence, repairing the portions of the wooden fence that collapsed, as well as removing almost all of the car parts and construction materials from his yard.

Stewart said while progress has been made, he still believes there is a problem with the property, citing trash on the home’s front porch. He asked the commissioner to issue a new order imposing a $100 a week fine on Neely for failing to properly care for his property. The fine is retroactive to late March.

Terry Martin, president of the board of commissioners told his fellow commissioners he was frustrated that Neely continues to appear in front of the commissioners for violating county nuisance laws.

“This has been a problem for way too long,” he said. “They don’t care about cleaning stuff up, they don’t care about their neighbors.”

However, Neely told the commissioners he has been busy cleaning up his property. However, he also complained that the nuisance order given to him doesn’t identify the problems that need to be addressed.

“You have me this piece of paper that states the ordinance, but you don’t tell me what the problem is,” he told the commissioners. “The ordinance is very vague. It could go from me not likely a basketball sitting in someone’s yard to anything. So if I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about, how am I supposed to address it.”

Manns then pointed out that the order included a sentence informing Neely that if he had any questions he could contact Stewart directly, and discuss what he needed to be done.

“That’s officer Stewart’s number,” Manns said pointing to a copy of the nuisance violation notice left with Neely. “He’d be happy to come out and walk the property with you and tell you exactly what needs to be done. But you never contacted him, correct?”

Neely did admit he did not.

“I did not read the order,” Neely told Manns.

The commissioners voted 3-0 to …….



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