Drivers urged to check vital car part in hot weather or risk facing £100s in repair costs – Express

August 14, 2022 by No Comments

“Even the smallest chip can quickly grow, impacting visibility on the road, and, if it turns into a crack, can legally require an entirely new windscreen.

“A third of drivers don’t know this, but tens of thousands of cars will have chips on their vehicle glass right now and are unwittingly risking an unwelcome maintenance bill once the heatwave has passed.

“Ideally drivers should get chips fixed before the heatwave hits, but for those that can’t, simple steps such as parking your car in the shade or using a sun shield on the outside of your windscreen can help to keep your car cool and minimise the chance of any issues.”

Due to changes in the Highway Code motorists could be fined huge sums if they fail to do adequate checks on their windscreens before driving.

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