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‘Parts of America’ tour will stop in small towns throughout the country, partnering with builders to assemble a full collection of rides that represents the best of car culture in the US

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, eBay Motors, the parts and accessories destination used by millions of car lovers, builders, restorers and mechanics, kicks off a cross-country tour to explore America’s unique car cultures. The ‘Parts of America’ tour will take eBay Motors to twelve automotive enthusiast events across the country – from car meets and cruises to tractor pulls and rock crawls. At each stop, eBay Motors will feature one-of-a-kind vehicles that bring to life the local car culture and the passionate builders behind these remarkable rides.

The eBay Motors ‘Parts of America’ hauler is stopping in small towns across the country to pick up eight rides, customized by partner builders with parts from eBay, which represent the best of US car culture.

At today’s first ‘Parts of America’ tour stop in Michigan, eBay Motors will feature a modern classic muscle truck – a unique 2002 Ford SVT Lightning in a rare, one-year-only “True Blue Metallic” colorway and fitted with a giant Whipple supercharger sourced on eBay Motors.

The eBay Motors ‘Parts of America’ tour will travel to historic Route 129 along the Tennessee-North Carolina border for its second stop, where it will spotlight a 2012 Audi R8 modified to look – and drive – like an oversized go-kart.

“Just as every region of the country has its own iconic landmarks or local food with unique flavors, America’s car culture is just as diverse,” says Ron Jaiven, GM of Parts & Accessories, eBay Motors. “Any serious gearhead can speak to the distinct regional differences of their hometown and debate why it belongs on the automotive map. ‘Parts of America’ celebrates the passion of these communities.”

Throughout the tour, eBay Motors’ hauler will collect and transport eight bespoke vehicles that show what’s possible using parts and accessories from eBay Motors, and represent America’s diverse and remarkable auto cultures. The tour will culminate at the LA Auto Show, where these unique builds will be on display – with many ultimately listed on eBay.

Rising inflation and lack of inventory are driving more and more Americans to update and mod their existing vehicles rather than purchase a new one. To provide ideas and inspiration, ‘Parts of America’ is taking these custom rides on the road, along with the builder enthusiasts who created them.

‘Parts of America’ Route

eBay Motors ‘Parts of America’ tour will kick off Sept. 21 in Hickory Corners, MI, at the Gilmore Car Museum’s Wednesday Night Cruise-In. Here, experienced street rodder Alex Palmeri of @LegitStreetCars will showcase a 2002 Ford SVT Lightning in a rare, one-year-only “True Blue Metallic” colorway that he’s fitted with a giant Whipple supercharger sourced on eBay Motors. From there, the tour will continue west – stopping at iconic sites like North Carolina’s infamous “Tail of the Dragon” on Route 129 and red rocks of Moab, Utah, all while featuring American sports cars, imports, …….

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