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Are you looking for some tips to help you move up the grid in F1 Manager 22? In F1 Manager 2022, whatever team you take charge of, you’re in an immediate battle for track positions and points. While your full focus may go onto the race itself and getting the most out of your drivers, there’s plenty on, and off the track to focus on, that may go under the radar. We’ve put in some hours into the game now, and we’ve picked out 5 tips that should help you in your time with F1 Manager 2022.

Upgrade Your Facilities Immediately [#1]

When jumping into the first day as a Team Principal, you’re met with multiple tabs and many things to do. While it all may be overwhelming, there’s one thing you should get on straight away: your team facilities.

You’re met with Car Development Facilities, Staff Facilities, and Operations Facilities, and while it may look like a lot, there are two clear key areas.

By upgrading both the Factory and Design Centre simultaneously within your budget, you can design and manufacture more car parts at the same time, increase production speed, and increase your capacity for engineers. This sets you up for the long road ahead for the parts you need.


Get Developing Car Parts [#2]

Segwaying perfectly, you should put your team to work straight away. You’re met with a choice of many different parts which achieve different objectives. Have a look through these and match which bring the most gains.

One not to upgrade is your suspension. Immediately after the first race, you have a new part manufactured which can be applied to one of the team’s cars, while able to use the design to get that built for your second car.

Give A Practice Session A Go [#3]

On the surface, practice sessions can seem long and tedious, but they do come with an added benefit. Your drivers can learn the track and give feedback on the best setup of the car. So, don’t knock it before you try it. If you’re lower down on the grid, it can help you get the most out of your team.

Don’t Be Scared To Change Strategy Mid-Race [#4]

During a race weekend, many things may change, and even more so during a race. There’s always the added risk of a safety car, rain (or the track drying up earlier than expected when starting in the rain), and even a red flag. All of these may change your strategy.

When this happens, go back to the drawing board for a second. If you’re early in the race, it could help you prepare for a long stint on hards, or if late it could be a free pit stop to steam through the field on a fresh set of softs. Prepare wisely.

Prepare For The Future Of Your Drivers [#5]

In all teams, the driver pairings may have longer or shorter contracts. Even if your driver pairing both have a few years on their deals, what if they don’t start to perform? Immediately, put your scouts to some use.

While the driver ratings on the surface give you an idea of their skill, scout these fully to get a deeper understanding, to ensure they are the best fit.

If you have any drivers on …….

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