Family of Houston man killed in hit-and-run crash says HPD, HCSO dropped ball on case –

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A 21-year-old man was killed in a hit-and-run crash on Aug. 19. His family said there have been more questions than answers as the investigation gets underway.

HOUSTON — A Houston family said a law enforcement mix-up has led to more questions after their loved one was killed in a hit-and-run crash earlier this month.

The funeral for Edwin Favela, 21, was held Tuesday. He died from injuries he suffered on Aug. 19 when he was riding his motorcycle home from work on the north side of town.

What happened

Favela’s mother, Tracie Martinez, said her son was on his way home from work near the intersection of Hardy and Mooney, near the Hardy Toll Road, when he was hit by speeding cars.

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“Two cars were racing and they hit my son,” she said.

Martinez said video from a neighbor’s camera shows the moment Favela was hit. The video appears to show Favela turning, and moments later, two cars speeding by.

“Why did you leave him like he was a dead animal dead on the street?” Martinez said.

Favela was taken to an area hospital where he remained in the intensive-care unit for seven days. He died last Thursday.

“His dad and I were by his side,” Martinez said.

Video obtained by KHOU 11 News from a gas station a few blocks away from the crash site also appears to show two cars traveling at high speeds on the feeder road.

Who’s investigating?

Favela’s family is devastated by their loss but also wants answers. That’s where, they said, things are getting confusing.

The family said investigators have dropped the ball in Favela’s case. The crash happened on Aug. 19. On Aug. 22, the Houston Police Department said it assigned the case to an investigator. HPD then said it handed the case over to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office on the same day.

But, HCSO said it didn’t get the case until Aug. 25.

“We want justice … find out who did it. … Why did you leave him? Why didn’t you have the heart to stop?” Martinez said.

Martinez said she personally emailed HPD Police Chief Troy Finner, and when she heard back from him, the ball started rolling on the investigation.

Martinez said she has video of the incident, as well as car parts, but she said HPD didn’t take it.

Co-workers react

Favela was working at a nearby taco truck. Martinez said he was working in order to pay for his son to get ear implants.

“He was doing everything he could to earn the money for his son,” Martinez said.

Favela’s co-worker and family friend, Ernesto Ovalle, said he was just with him before the crash.

“I was with him, like, two minutes (before it) happened,” Ovalle said.

Ovalle said he was the first person at the scene and fought back tears when he saw what happened to his friend.

“Friends, family, he was a great kid. He was a great kid. He was a great friend,” Ovalle said.

The taco truck at which Favela worked was one of 12 that was recently robbed. The same suspect is believed to be responsible for the robberies.

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