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Early Saturday morning First Responders were out conducting several high water rescues on flooded streets. 

Crews had to rescue one woman after floodwaters carried her car away. She was able to escape and hold onto a tree until emergency crews rescued her. Her condition is unknown. 

In another incident, four people were safely rescued from atop their car after it stalled in high water. They had to wait at least four hours before being rescued, reports said.

Flood watch in effect in several Kentucky counties.

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Flooding has led to the following road closures across the affected areas.

KY 2024 in Owsley County is closed indefinitely at milepost 2.6 due to flash flood damage to the bridge crossing Indian Creek and the roadway approaches.

Carter County: Water blocking KY 1 at Beech Grove near Grayson, mileposts 9-10; and water over KY 1654 near the Boyd County line

Boyd County: Water over the road at Rush at the KY 1654 and KY 854 intersection 

Carlisle County

KY 1820 is CLOSED at the 1-3mm- Signs Posted

KY 1628 is CLOSED at the 3 to 4 mile marker- Signs Posted

U.S. 62 is CLOSED at the 4 to 6mm between Bardwell and the KY 121 intersection in West Fork Creek Bottoms

Floyd County:

KY 680, MP 5.0 to 6.0KY 194 between mileposts 11-12

KY 3381 between mileposts 0-1

KY 3385 between mileposts 0-3.

Fulton CountyKY 94 is CLOSED at the 7 to 11mm in the Lower Bottom between KY 311 and KY 1099- Signs Posted

KY 94 has Water Over Road Signs posted at the 23 to 26mm in Willingham Bottom between KY 1907 and KY 1125

KY 1907 has Water Over Road signs posted between KY 94 and KY 781

Hickman County

KY 123 is CLOSED at the 14 to 16mm at Obion Creek Bridge in the Hailwell area- Signs Posted

Hopkins County

KY 502 is Open with High water between MP 1 – 3 and 4 – 5

KY 1069 is Open with High water between MP 0 – MP 1

KY 1033 is Open with High water between MP 1 – MP 2

KY 813 is Open with High water between MP 10 – MP

McCracken County

KY 1014/Houser Road has Water Over Road Signs posted at the 3 to 3.7mm

KY 1255/Bonds Road is CLOSED at the 1.5 to 2.2mm west of the KY 450/Oaks Rd intersection-Signs Posted

Marshall CountyKY 1949/Wadesboro Road is CLOSED at the I-69 Tunnel at 7.38mm- Signs Posted

KY 1462/Benton-Birmingham Rd is CLOSED at the 0 to 2mm at the Clarks River Bridge- Signs Posted

Ohio County

KY 273 is Open with High water between MP 3 – 4 MP

KY 2670 is Open with High Water between MP 2 and MP 3

KY 69 is Open with High water between MP 17 – MP 18

Pike County

KY 319 between MP 6-7

KY 468 at MP 0 and 5

KY 1426 between MP 16-17 and at MP 18

Webster County

KY 270 is Open with high water between MP 7- MP 8

KY 138 is Open with high water between MP 10 – 10.3

KY 120 is Open with high water between MP 10.2 – 10.6


Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/flooding-storm-damage-prompt-road-closures-across-parts-of-kentucky/ar-AASl5dz


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