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GM’s drivetrains will soon be integrated into Volcon’s electric off-road UTVs, as confirmed by the Texan electric powersports firm. 

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GM Drivetrain Integration in Volcon’s Electric UTV to Offer New Off-Road Experience!

Drivetrains are also called propulsion systems, which consist of different car components that provide power to the vehicle. 

But, the drivetrains of General Motors are different from the conventional propulsion systems since these car parts aim to eliminate the use of tailpipe emissions. 

Now, Volcon also plans to take advantage of the automaker’s tech to enhance its upcoming utility terrain vehicles. 

GM Drivetrain Integration in Volcon’s Electric UTV

Electrek reported that the first Volcon UTV to receive GM’s advanced electric drivetrain is Stag, an off-road utility vehicle that was introduced in July. 

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A General Motors logo is shown at the General Motors Technical Center, where today Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra held a press conference on June 5, 2014 in Warren, Michigan. Barra spoke to provide an update on GM’s internal investigation into the ignition switch recall at the General Motors Technical Center.

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Aside from the upcoming Volcon Stag, another UTVs of the Texan powersports company is also expected to have the propulsion systems of General Motors. 

These include the predecessors of Stag and the so-called Project X vehicle. 

Once the GM drivetrain integration in Volcon’s UTVs begins, it will allow the powersports company to be the first one to use American multinational vehicle manufacturer’s propulsion components. 

“Volcon will be the first, and currently only off-road powersports company to offer their full line of vehicles with GM’s electric propulsion,” said the UTV developer via its official press release.  

Expect New Standard-Setting Off-Road Experience

Volcon’s Chief Technology Officer Christian Okonsky said that the latest partnership of Volcon with General Motors is expected to offer an off-road experience that can set the powersports industry’s standards. 

He added that all Volcon’s employees are doing their best to provide the best UTV models. Okonsky further explained that producing top-quality off-road electric cars can become a reality, thanks to GM’s help. 

As of press time, General Motors wants to remove the tailpipe emissions in light-duty cars as early as 2035. Since this is a promising enhancement, Volcon also wants to ride along in the efforts of GM.  

If you want to see further details about the latest collaboration between Volcon ePowersports and General Motors, you can visit this link.

On the other hand, the GM warranty transfer limit has already started rolling out to prevent reselling activities. 

Meanwhile, GM’s EV mass production is expected to happen around 2025. 

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