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No matter how much you want to keep your favourite car, its engine and other parts get old. When this time comes, keeping it can do more harm than good. Instead of taking space in your garage, why not get rid of it to earn cash? cash. Keep reading to find out how.

Since most of us are busy making a living, it can be challenging to scrap old cars. Many car recycling companies today offer their services to help you get rid of your old car for cash. Here’s a tip: while other companies may require fees before making a quote, there’s no obligation quote for scrap car removal in Ajax.

Below are some of the ways to get rid of your old car for cash:

1. Sell it

Selling your car is the most obvious way to get cash. There are different ways to sell your car, and it is up to you which option you choose.

Sell via dealers

There are many dealerships to choose from, so you need to make sure you select the best depending on factors you consider are important. Selling your old car to a dealership will be best if you don’t want to deal with a lot of hassle.

The dealership will collect your car, get it fixed (handle the repair price), and ensure it’s usable before reselling it. However, the downside of selling via dealerships is you’ll receive a smaller amount for your car, especially when your vehicle requires many repairs.

Sell Online

You can sell everything online nowadays. Simply post and provide details about your car. Don’t forget to include any major issues so you don’t get flagged as a scam. You can do this through various platforms, but Facebook Marketplace is the most common.

Many may contact you, so you must be careful when selecting a buyer. As these are still strangers, there will always be the possibility of them being scammers.

2. Trade-In

Another way to get rid of your old car is by trading. Suppose you want to buy a new car. Rather than selling it or disposing of it, you can swap or trade it so you can pay less for the new vehicle.

If you plan to do this, it’s advisable to repair your car first before trading to get a better offer. If there are lots of things to fix, expect a lower offer since the value is directly connected to the car’s quality.

3. Junk the old car

Don’t worry if your old car is now unusable or beyond repair. You can still get money out of it. Junk your old car for parts or offer it to a scrapyard.

If your car is stuck in a specific place, you can even call the junkyards to come and pick it up for you. Their payment for your vehicle will depend on your deal with the junkyard – generally, the better the car, the better the payment.

However, you need to avoid getting your hopes up if you think you’ll get a sizable amount with this method. Since it’ll be hassle-free on your part, the junkyard will give you a lower price and have full reigns on what they can do with your car after.

4. Sell car parts

As mentioned previously, you can also get cash …….



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