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The NHRA Contingency program is a grassroots marketing partnership that connects racers who buy parts with manufacturers looking to sell and market performance products. It offers the advantages of a passion-driven business-to-consumer relationship, with the long-term benefits of a business-to-business partnership. Every weekend from February to November there are NHRA races across North America drawing hundreds of racers and cars together.

The NHRA has deep roots in reaching these markets and racers, and we use the Contingency program to share our strengths with our racers and partners. The NHRA Contingency program runs at all Camping World Drag Racing Series national events, all Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series divisional and regional events, plus the NHRA Summit Racing Series, and the JEGS Allstars.

Racers and contingency program partners can participate at the national level, the divisional level, the regional level — or all three. The NHRA Contingency program pairs racers who buy parts with companies making and marketing products that win races. Knowing what wins on Sunday, sells on Monday, the NHRA uses our tech inspections as a data collection service. We track which drivers made it to the final round, what products they had, and which brands they were promoting through decals on both sides of their cars.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Companies announce they will pay racers who use their product and win or runner-up in an NHRA race class: $300 to win/$100 to runner-up at national events, and $100 to win/$50 to runner-up at divisional events.

2. Racers buy and install the products that are participating in the program.

3. Racers install decals on both sides of their race car that display the products they are running.

4. When racers win or runner-up, the NHRA Tech Department verifies the decals and products were present.

5. After every race, the NHRA alerts participating manufacturers with a list of the racers who’ve won or runner-upped with their product.

6. Participating manufacturers send payment directly to the racers to reward them for their success and partnership.

7. NHRA and national media show racers with decals and products winning on TV, online, through social media, and in magazines.

8. Racers and fans see firsthand what products work and win.



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