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There is more to Gran Turismo 7 than simply buying and winning new cars. The cars available in the game can be fine-tuned and adjusted in order to maximize their performance. Additionally, changing certain parts of a car can make up for the weaknesses it already has.

It’s a very simple process, but will likely have a high skill-ceiling, knowing what to change in a car and when. Players cannot purchase all the various parts at first, but that comes with time.

How and where to change car parts in Gran Turismo 7

All changes to cars are made through the World Mode in Gran Turismo 7, where the majority of the gameplay takes place. The Garage houses a variety of features, from Roulette Tickets to changing car parts.

Deciding which car to modify is an important step in the process of changing parts (Image via Polyphony Digital)

Changing parts in Gran Turismo 7

  • Open World Mode
  • Navigate to Garage
  • Click “Change Car” unless the current car is the desired model to change
  • Click “Car Settings”
  • Click the desired part to change
  • Click the new part

This only happens to one car at a time, as the player will undoubtedly want different settings in different vehicles. When a player purchases a new part, and if it’s an upgrade, it slots that part in immediately.

Players may want to use a variety of parts as they race, however, and this will allow them to customize the car to their heart’s content.

Unlocking car parts to use in the Garage

There is a wide array of parts players can purchase for their cars in-game, using credits (Image via Polyphony Digital)

Before one can change parts, the player will have to buy or unlock them.

These can be found in Roulette Tickets as potential rewards, but besides these, the primary method of getting more car parts is from the Tuning Shop, which is also found in World Mode.

Currently, there are five types of parts, and anything beyond “Sports” must be unlocked through gameplay. The types of parts are Sports, Club Sports, Semi-Racing, Racing, and Extreme. These unlock as the player increases their Collection Level.

Collection Level increases as players unlock more cars, whether they buy them at the Used Car Lot/Brand Central, or unlock them by playing the game. As the Collection Level grows, more part types will be unlocked in the Tuning Shop.

Deciding when to buy parts is up to the player, but experience is the best teacher (Image via Polyphony Digital)

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This can be a costly process, so it’s important for players to know what cars they want to buy parts for. Car part management is simple to get started on, but advanced gearheads may want to really get in-depth on what parts to use where, and this system will allow that.

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