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Mimicking their real-world equivalent, F1 Manager 2022 practice sessions are crucial for teams and drivers to get a firm grasp of their cars’ performance and the circuit they’ll be racing on.

It’s possible to simulate practice sessions, but to make the most of them, you’ll want to jump in and manage them yourself, time and inclination permitting.

Within each F1 Manager 2022 practice session, there are three main areas – track acclimatization, parts knowledge, and set-up confidence. The aim is to hit the highest percentage for each, which will then give drivers everything they need to maximize their chances in both qualifying and the races themselves.

Here, we’ll walk through how to achieve the highest percentages in these three areas of focus.

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Track Acclimatization – F1 Manager 2022 Practice Session

Track acclimatization is fairly self-explanatory and determines a driver’s knowledge of the track’s layout. Every lap driven during a practice session raises the percentage, and sending out a driver for longer stints boosts the rate at which the percentage increases.

Parts Knowledge

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Much like track acclimatization, the parts knowledge percentage increases with time spend on the track as long as you drive with the same set of parts. This will continue between practice sessions and even race weekends except if you pull in new parts for the car. The challenge here is to find a balance between driver’s getting a firm handle of their car while still experimenting with improved and upgraded parts developed as the season progresses.

Set-Up Confidence – F1 Manager 2022 Practice Session

You have the option to tweak and tinker with each car’s setup during an F1 Manager 2022 practice session. A driver’s set-up confidence percentage rises or falls depending on how the set-up aligns with the circuit and their particular driving style.

Out on the track, the drivers get a feel for the set-up and any tweaks you make along the way. A speech bubble located in each drivers’ information panel houses data points, starting from zero and rising to five in line with the driver gaining confidence in the set-up.

Aim to gather all five data points, then head back to the pits and move on to the car set-up menu.

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The car set-up menu features an array of sliders governing Tyre Camber and Toe-Out, Front and Rear Wing Angles, and Anti-Roll Distribution. Tweaking these shows the impact on Braking Stability, Oversteer, Traction and Straigths, and Cornering.

There are blue boxes in the car ability area, which indicate a driver’s preference zone. Alongside, drivers leave comments with an assessment of the most recent set-up taken out onto the track. Whenever a drive amasses five data points during an F1 Manager 2022 practice session, the preference zone narrows, giving you a chance to zero in on what set-up will serve them best.

How to Get the Most Out of an F1 Manager 2022 Practice Sessions?

To maximize the efficiency of your practice session, remember to manage them yourself rather than simulate them. Alter the car set-up freely with a focus on honing in on what suits your drivers best. </…….



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