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Car performance is at the heart of F1 Manager 22 and getting the most out of Car Part Development is a crucial part of turning mid-table finishes into podium topping wins.

As with any good management sim worth its salt, F1 Manager 22 dives deep into keeping your staff, drivers, finances, facilities, and more importantly, your cars in tip-top shape.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the three areas that define F1 Manager 22 Car Part Development and provide some tips on how to maximize performance and claw back precious extra seconds.

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F1 Manager 22 Car Part Development – Design

Design is the area where your engineers trial and develop fresh car parts for your team’s current cars. It allows you to set your engineers the task of developing brand new front and rear wings, underfloor, chassis, sidepods, and suspension.

To maximize results, it’s worth kick starting development of a new chassis or underfloor first as these represent major upgrades that can have a major impact on your in-race pace. Note that team’s always have new suspension in development when you start your first season, so there’s no need to waste resources here when you start out.


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With a part earmarked for development, decide how many hours you want to dedicate to testing the part. Depending on the team, you’ll have a different allocation of testing hours per period, which is determined by the team’s position on the grid in the previous season. A team at the back of the pack will have more hours to play with to test new parts.

There’s a direct correlation between car part development quality and time spent testing. In other words, the more time of your allocation spent testing, the better the car part. You can tap the ‘Show Rank on Grid’ button to get a sense of how your car stands up to your competitors.

Design Focus

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Design Focus tells your engineers what areas you want to prioritize during the F1 Manager Car Part Development process. Sliders allow you to fine tune focus based on attributes where you want to see improvements, such as drag reduction and engine cooling to cite a couple.

Note that the level of focus affects part development time, as indicated in the summary tab on the right of your screen. More modifications increase the amount of time it takes for the part’s development to complete.

Development Settings

Here, you can decide how many engineers to allocate to a project. Draft in more engineers and the development time reduces.

Additionally, it’s here that you assign the development approach. A rushed approach ups costs and reduces the expertise gained by staff during the process, but substantially reduces part development time. On the other hand, an intense approach costs substantially more, but increases the expertise gained by staff while having no effect on development time.

F1 Manager 22 Car Part Development – Manufacture

With development wrapped up, it’s over the manufacturing. To ensure you’re prepared for any eventuality, don’t hesitate to order spare parts to complement those going straight into the cars.

Different approaches are available here as well. Rushed cuts …….



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