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June 22, 2022 by No Comments

  • Your fleet equipment and vehicles may be stolen for parts, fun, or the items inside them.
  • Preventing fleet equipment theft requires a combination of smart judgment calls, vehicle testing, common sense and GPS theft trackers. 
  • To track stolen equipment, place concealed trackers on your vehicles, implement alerts, and share software access with your team.
  • This article is for fleet managers and business owners looking to learn how GPS fleet tracking can prevent equipment and auto theft.

Although vehicle theft has become less common over the past few decades, the average number of vehicles stolen per year still numbers in the hundreds of thousands, according to FBI data reported by the Insurance Information Institute. As a fleet manager or business owner, your chances of becoming a statistic increase with each of your numerous vehicles. The good news is that stolen equipment trackers and GPS trackers help prevent theft and assist in reclaiming equipment. Keep reading to learn more.

Types of vehicular thefts

Whether your fleet comprises everyday cars or construction equipment such as backhoes, most instances of theft fit into several broad categories.

  • Theft for parts: If you’ve ever heard someone talk about selling their car for parts, you might understand why a thief might steal your equipment for parts, too. Car parts can be immensely valuable, and compared to an intact vehicle, they are harder to trace to their owner. Additionally, skilled thieves can remove car parts without actually entering or moving your vehicle, further reducing their risk of being caught.
  • Theft targeting the contents of your vehicles: Your fleet itself isn’t your only value. Some thieves are willing to bet that your drivers have other valuables inside your vehicles, like cash, jewelry or personal goods. These thieves, though, are often less trained than those looking for parts and sometimes don’t know how to steal without setting off your alarms.
  • Theft for fun: Believe it or not, some people are willing to risk getting arrested to try out a novel vehicle such as your branded vans. Although some of these thieves are considerate enough to return your vehicle to its original location, others may leave it somewhere far away. Especially carefree thieves could damage your vehicle during their joyrides.
  • Theft by setup: It’s not unheard of for a pair of thieves to rear-end a targeted driver, then have one person from each vehicle step out to address the situation. The third person can then run to your fleet driver’s car and steal it before your driver returns.

Key takeaway: Thieves may steal your vehicles for parts, for fun or for what’s inside them. They may carry out their theft via premeditated setups.

How to prevent fleet equipment theft

While the vehicle theft scenarios above are concerning, they’re easily preventable for the most part. Follow these best practices to keep your fleet secure:

  • Hold on to your keys. Instruct your drivers to never leave their keys in the ignition or elsewhere in your vehicles. Keeping keys in pockets, as most people do, is an obvious solution, but pickpocketing is a risk in areas with high foot traffic and large crowds. Storing keys deep inside a backpack, briefcase or another work bag may be best.
  • Make spare keys. Provide …….



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