How To Use Your Local Curbside Pickup Day To Your Advantage – House Digest

July 23, 2022 by No Comments

If you are going to participate in your curbside cleanup, make sure to be a good neighbor and follow the rules. The guidelines should be listed on your city website. On the Township of Edison, New Jersey website, for example, a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items are listed, as well as timelines. Don’t put your junk out earlier, as it quickly becomes an eyesore that can irritate your neighbors. On the other hand, don’t wait until the last minute, or your curbside day planning will be stressful and scattered. 

Another way to make sure you’re a good neighbor during curbside pickup is to keep your pile tidy. Bags should be secured, items should be tidy, and there shouldn’t be anything spilling, sticky, or smelly. The more you keep things in order, the better your portion of the neighborhood will look, and also, you can avoid issues like costly fines from the city for not abiding by rules. Reference your city’s information often, and ask your neighbors questions if you still aren’t sure. 



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