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Dec 23, 2021 at 1:50pm ET

Lots of people take steps to weatherproof their vehicles. Most of the time, however, the focus is on what can be done to protect the outside of the car. In a country like Canada that sees more than its fair share of harsh winter conditions, weatherproofing the interior of your vehicle should be right up there with taking care of the exterior. It’s much less expensive and time-consuming to preemptively protect your car’s floors, seats, and electronics than it is to have to replace or repair them once they’re damaged. Take a look at our top recommendations for guarding your car’s interior from the rigors of Canadian weather which can all be found on eBay Motors.

1. Rubber Floor Mats

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Some of the most economical and effective products you can buy that will guard your vehicle’s interior against damaging mud, water, salt, and other chemicals are rubber floor mats.

Wherever possible, look for mats (front and rear) that have been designed for your specific vehicle, taking model year, make, and trim level into consideration. When the mats fit the contours of your particular vehicle snuggly and securely, it helps lock out water, mud, sand, salt, and debris. Many of the better brands also feature ridges or channels that can trap dirt and water still more effectively. 

2. Cargo Liners

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Another great option for protecting your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery is to purchase a high-quality cargo liner that’s custom fit for your trunk or hatch area. These durable and sleek-looking liners are constructed from anti-slip, waterproof materials that can protect the carpets and sides of your vehicle’s cargo bay. 

Just like rubber mats for under your muddy boots, a custom-cut cargo liner can protect your vehicle from all manner of wet or dirty implements. These days, some even feature thoughtful bumper flaps and tailgate covers to guard your car’s paint job against scratches and scuffs caused by pets and cargo. The liners are easy to install and remove for washing or shaking out. Some of the newest designs are also equipped with a split seam to accommodate the laying down of the split back seats for extra cargo space

3. Car Seat Covers

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Not only are car seat covers an affordable and economical way of protecting your car’s interior from damaging dirt, debris, water, mud, and salt, but ones like the Otoez Luxury Leather Car Seat Covers are custom designed to suit the particular make and model of your vehicle. This makes your car seats look sleek and brand new again, even if your toddler has been kicking the back of them since September.

Car seat covers are a great option if your car seats are damaged or worn and you don’t want to spring for new upholstery. They’re also a good choice if you want to keep your car’s original upholstery pristine. …….



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