How WRC teams prepare for rough rallies like Acropolis – DirtFish – DirtFish

September 8, 2022 by No Comments

But in Toyota’s case, it had contingency plans, just in case such an eventuality came to pass. The days of rally-specific car evolutions died with the reboot of the classics – now it’s just one car adapted on a sliding scale.

“Rough rallies, the topics are all the same, it’s just how far do you go?” Fowler points out. “So increasing the protection of the car underneath and using slightly stronger parts that offer more protection, these are all topics and it’s more like a scale.

“So we’re not at Kenya level, but we’re more than Finland. So it’s never like a set thing, it’s more like how much you do.

“In this case we have come prepared that it might be worse or it might be better, so we have options with us all the time. Of course we scale those options depending on the event, but for sure here we have everything we need to scale it up to what we’ve seen in the recce.”



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