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I-CAR now provides new Vehicle and Technology Specific Training (VTST) courses — the majority of which are required for all FCA Certified Collision Care shops. I-CAR is also providing a 15% discount on EV courses through the end of the month.

The VTST courses “ensure that professionals are trained to have the knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs,” and, as of June 1, six of the eight are required to obtain or maintain FCA certification, according to a joint news release from Stellantis and I-CAR.

“Stellantis’s Service Engineering group has worked closely with I-CAR’s curriculum development team to integrate the latest Stellantis procedures into all new courses,” said Lynn Rogers, Stellantis Technical Service Operations for North Americabody/collision serviceability lead. “As the complexity of today’s vehicle repairs accelerates, we are raising the bar of our training requirements to ensure our entire collision network is at a ‘master class’ level in their knowledge and skills.”

The following courses will be required:

    • FCA wiTECH Scan Tool Fundamentals (a prerequisite for FCA Driver Assistance systems for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Alfa Romeo and FIAT Vehicles) — learn the components, setup, and basic usage of the wiTECH™ 2.0 Scan Tool
    • FCA wiTECH ECU Flashing — learn how to identify the types of Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Flashes, the components needed for an ECU flash, be able to tell if the flash applies to a vehicle, and more.
    • FCA Driver Assistance Systems — learn about the operation and calibration of the driver assistance electronic systems in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Alfa Romeo, and FIAT vehicles.
    • FCA Introduction to Service Library — learn how to access and use the most current service information available on FCA vehicles in a walkthrough of the OEM’s Service Library.
    • FCA Marketing Your Certification — learn best practices to help you begin to market and leverage your FCA Certification.
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee WL — a one-hour course that describes the significant design changes to the WL, the vehicle construction materials, service, repairs, and the electrical and mechanical procedures.

These courses will be part of I-CAR’s VTST portfolio and are linked to I-CAR’s Professional Development Program, which I-CAR told RDN “features distinct training paths that provide each professional involved in the collision repair industry the up-to-date knowledge and skills they need to perform their role successfully.”

VTST courses count toward the fulfillment of role-specific annual training and can be completed by any individual at their FCA Certified Collision Care facility. All the courses are available online and can be completed by anyone in the industry.

Prior course completions will not be affected. In addition, the following are recommended optional courses for FCA Certified Collision Care
facilities to consider: FCA Diagnostic Data Recording with wiTECH (“Flight Recording”) and FCA Creating a Compelling Message when Marketing your Certification.

All eight courses will also be accessible on an optional basis to all students and businesses across the collision repair ecosystem.

“I-CAR looks forward to further building out our Vehicle and Technology Specific Training course portfolio, and furthering our relationship with Stellantis and other OEMs in developing additional courses highlighting new vehicles as they come to market and/or new and specialized repair considerations,” said Bud Center, I-CAR’s Director of Technical Products and Curriculum.

For more information about the program, including the steps to obtain certification, visit certifymyshop.com/chrysler.


Source: https://www.repairerdrivennews.com/2022/06/20/i-car-now-providing-newly-required-fca-certification-courses-discount-on-ev-courses/


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