‘I started selling car parts for a hobby – now I sell to F1 teams and Prince William’ – The Mirror

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A firm set up in a garage selling race car parts and accessories now employs four members of the same family and supplies gear to professionals, royals and TV stars

The firm was set up in a garage, but McGill Motorsport has gone from strength to strength

A motorsport parts business set up to help fund a husband’s racing hobby has grown into a family firm supplying Formula One teams – and even Prince William.

McGill Motorsport, based near Kirkaldy, Scotland, sells all sorts of racecar parts and clothing for drivers.

It was set up by Rachel McGill, 61, from her garage in 2005 to help subsidise her husband Billy’s hobby of racing and buying car parts for himself.

Rachel’s three sons now work for the company, and they have achieved huge success, supplying Rally WRC and Formula One teams.

Unusually, they have also supplied racewear to a royal – Prince William, who wore the firm’s togs when he took part in electric car racing in May 2021.

“There’s no cheap form of motorsport,” Rachel explained. “My husband was involved in contact sports on an oval racing track, so the cars hit the wall a lot and there was a lot of things that needed replacing.”

He worked for a US company at the time, and found replacement parts were much cheaper in the states.

The interior of the McGill Motorsport shop

Local racing car drivers in Scotland started to take notice and began asking Billy to bring back parts for them – and the idea for McGill Motorsport was born.

“We got extra stock, and we decided we needed to sell it,” Rachel went on. “We started it on eBay, as it was low cost and maximum exposure. We did that and never looked back.”

At the time Rachel had spent 30 years working in the banking sector.

“I was a mortgage adviser at a bank at the time and I was cautious, but eventually I got so busy I decided to quit my job,” she said.

The business was founded by Rachel and her son Ross, who had a structural engineering degree.

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The company’s eBay sales never slowed down, but as the product range got bigger McGill motorsport set up a separate website and got its own shop.

“Initially we were doing from our double garage,” Rachel said. ” But once the product range got bigger we moved to bigger premises.”

Later down the line her other two sons, Ryan and Liam, who both worked in the oil industry, both came on board.

All Rachel’s sons have a love for motorsports, which she said means they can put themselves in the customer’s position with every interaction.

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But the McGill’s don’t just sell racing car parts and kit – they invent them too.

One example is an improved set of scales, used to weigh cars when tuning them for maximum speed.

Their innovation was to use Bluetooth wireless connections to do this, rather …….

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