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(Pocket-lint) – Attention all old car owners! You can’t get rid of your junk car without finding an auto junkyard near you. With quality and dependable salvage junk yards, you have got a chance to get the best value of the car parts without scrapping the warranty they are entitled to. 

That’s not the only relief one gets by finding junk yards near you. One can get spare auto parts at a competitive price for the car or easily own a junkyard. 

All in all, finding a salvage yard is a step toward saving a huge deal of money while buying junk auto parts or cars and getting the best value for your junk car. However, the hunt isn’t an easy one as a lot has to be kept in mind. Looking for a junkyard by me?

Well, the below ranking should help in finding the best junk yards near you. Enjoy the post and learn about the top 10 options. Meanwhile, have a look at the top 3 picks too:

1: USCarJunker Immediate cash against junk car or auto parts

2: USScrapYard Instant quote from verified buyers

3: Peddle Junkyard for all kinds of scrap vehicles

USCarJunker is an ideal place to be if you’re looking for an easy way to dump your junk car and get hassle-free cash. This auto junkyards partner is famous amongst the junk car community because of its assorted assistance.

Whether you need to find an auto salvage yard near you or need quick cash for the old car, it has got your back in every situation. 

You actually don’t have to bring your car to the junkyard for the valuation. A video evaluation facility is offered. It’s such a relief as taking an old car to a Jonker near you can be a tedious task. No wonder why thousands of cars are evaluated through this salvage auto junkyard platform every month. 

If you’ve got a junk car and wondering about salvage yards near you, it’s time that you try USCarJunker by calling (844)509-2399.



  • It accepts almost all the models. Whether you have a 90’s Mazda to 2000 ‘s Benz, it will accept it with the same vigor.
  • Its valuation is perhaps the best and most relevant in the market. It’s because it uses an AI-based junk car analysis technology that assesses the car’s worth as per the current industry scenario.
  • The service delivery is prompt and professional. All you need to do is call on the number and provide accurate details of the junk car.


  • Remote location accessibility isn’t good.

On-spot payment is waiting for you when you choose USCarJunker >>


Guaranteed offers, quick response, and no hidden fees are what you’re going to experience with USScrapYard. It has a …….

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