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Engine degreasers are vital for keeping your car functioning properly. Have a look at our top picks and tips for finding a great engine degreaser. Having a car is pretty much a necessity, especially when you need to get to work five days a week. While having a vehicle is in many ways efficient and convenient, maintaining a car can be quite tricky. Cars tend to develop all sorts of wear and tear over time, and without proper care, your vehicle can develop numerous issues. Many problems can occur, but one of the most significant issues is grease and oil debris building up on your engine. If left unresolved, this debris can cause serious damage to your engine and lead to malfunction.

One simple solution to avoid such problems is to regularly maintain your car with an engine degreaser. Finding the right degreaser can be a daunting task, so to make this process easier we’ve compiled a list of some of the leading engine degreasers as well as a helpful buying guide.

Here are the top engine degreasers of 2022 

Gunk EB1CA Engine Degreaser: Great pick

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This engine degreaser has a fitting name, and it’s one of the strongest cleaning agents available on the market. Made with powerful degreasing solvents, this Gunk engine degreaser will not only clean your engine but will also remove all the dirt, grime, grease, and engine “gunk” from it. Thanks to its heavy-duty formula, this engine degreaser doesn’t require much manpower to use and easily dissolves grease without much effort. Just rinse the degreaser off with water and it’ll remove all the dirt, leaving behind a clean engine. Simply apply it generously to the targeted area and wait about 10 minutes so that it can dissolve the gunk from your engine. After that, rinse it off thoroughly to remove any residual grease, and just like that your engine will be as good as new.


  • Powerful, heavy-duty cleaning agent
  • Easy to use 
  • Great value for your money


Chemical Guys Degreaser: Great value

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Made with a citrus-based formula, this Chemical Guys engine degreaser can offer you great value for your money. It’s a highly concentrated agent that’s designed to clean automobile parts including engines, tools, tires, rims, and much more. Thanks to its heavy-duty formula, it quickly loosens grease and emulsifies it for better cleaning. With its citrus base, this engine degreaser gives off a pleasant “orangey” fragrance. Not only can you use it as it is right out of the box, but you can also dilute it for other things like household cleaning. The degreaser’s spray nozzle makes it highly easy to use, letting you target specific areas, and the formula breaks away any residual grime to help restore your vehicle’s shine.


  • Versatile, multipurpose cleaner
  • Wallet-friendly option — great value
  • Convenient spray nozzle for targeted use




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