MAHLE Aftermarket Expands Thermal Management Portfolio – (AMN)

March 9, 2022 by No Comments

MAHLE Aftermarket announces the expansion of its portfolio to include indirect air conditioning condensers, which are becoming standard components in the air conditioning systems of modern vehicles. By continuously extending its thermal management product range, MAHLE Aftermarket says it is making it easier for shops to generate new business, as the maintenance of thermal management systems in hybrid and electric vehicles will become what used to be the regular oil change.

That is why MAHLE Aftermarket says it is offering not only a growing range of components, but also accompanying service equipment, training, and digital information solutions. The company adds it is preparing workshops for the future and helping them with the switch to alternative drive systems.

“MAHLE is a strong partner for workshops for all aspects of thermal management. We recommend that our customers build up their skills in this area and support them accordingly,” said Olaf Henning, corporate executive vice president and general manager MAHLE Aftermarket. 

In an electric vehicle, the air conditioning system takes care of the cabin, and also cools the battery, electric motor, and power electronics. Accordingly, the system must be designed to meet high-performance requirements and needs several circuits at different temperature levels. In the future, the maintenance and repair of such systems will constitute a major part of everyday business for shops, says MAHLE.

Indirect condensers, which cool down and thereby liquefy the refrigerant that has become heated during compression in the compressor, are already used in many modern vehicles with combustion engines and also represent the best technical option for hybrid and electric vehicles. They are more efficient, powerful, and compact than directly cooled condensers and can also be placed anywhere in the vehicle. Directly cooled models, on the other hand, must be installed at the front of the vehicle in order to make use of the ambient air. 



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