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Theft of patrol car parts prompts chief to address issue

Mexicali Police Chief recently shared parts from patrol cars have been stolen while in mechanic shops for repairs.

The theft includes catalytic converters and other parts for air conditioning, Chief Pedro Ariel Mendívil told La Voz newspaper.

Recently, a source that requested to remain anonymous told the newspaper about the parts theft.

Patrol cars are sent for repairs to mechanic shops contracted with the police, Chief Mendívil told the newspaper.

However, the police chief explained that the theft of parts is unusual.

Also, Chief Mendívil said the police have kept patrol cars for some time in shops of high demand.

The chief said the issue is being considered with the Executive Office for provider changes.


Man nabbed for burning ex’s home

A man who was identified just as Francisco Felipe was arrested by Mexicali police for allegedly attempting to burn his ex’s home.

La Voz newspaper reported that the incident took place early Saturday at Prado del Rey Avenue and Lieza Street in the Lomas Altas area in southern Mexicali.

A reporting party told the police about the incident.

Upon arrival, the police requested help from the Fire Department.

The home owner told the authorities her husband, from whom she is divorcing from, arrived and threatened her family to burn the house down.

The suspect was left in the front yard, where Francisco Felipe presumably ignited a fire.

A wooden room next to the property was burned. The main structure had partial damages, according to the report.

The suspect was taken to the General Hospital for smoke inhalation.

The police said the suspect will be eventually arrested.


Man indicted for sexual abuse of daughter

A man was indicted by a judge for the sexual abuse case of his own daughter, the state Attorney General’s office said.

According to the authorities, the judge indicted José Luis Doe for alleged sexual abuse of his 7-years-old daughter in Aug. 2021.

The authorities said after a complaint was filed the agency held several tests that confirmed the sexual abuse case.

Prosecutors then requested an arrest warrant that was eventually issued by the judge.

The judge determined to keep the suspect in prison during trial and gave prosecutors two months to close the investigation.


National Guard seizes $136,000

Agents with the Mexican National Guard and Mexican Customs seized $136,000 found in a big rig, the Mexican National Guard reported Friday.

The incident took place while agents were inspecting vehicles in the commercial East Port of Entry.

The agency said officers contacted the driver of a truck coming from the US.

After a mechanism of automated selection agents observed anomalies and started a thorough search.

National Guard agents found several bags loaded with cash.

The driver had additional cash in his pockets, the agency said.

According to the authorities, the driver was unable to prove where the cash came from and was detained.

The truck, the cash and the driver were turned to the Mexican Attorney General’s office.


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