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Mini Mania owner Jonathan Harvey stands inside the door of a classic 1960s Mini that is on display in the Nevada City parts warehouse and distribution center that serves many a Mini owner. This particular Mini was a patrol unit in Liverpool in the 1960s and a photo on the wall behind shows it in the fleet.
Photo: Elias Funez

It’s not everyone who thinks about car parts, much less those belonging to the always-described-as-cute Mini.

Mini Mania in Nevada City, however, specializes in the subject and provides customers from around the world with parts and accessories.

“We primarily serve individuals and user consumers, do-it-yourself people,” said Mini Mania owner Jonathan Harvey.

“We sell everything from sheet metal, tires, engine parts. We have an engine rebuilding program for classic Minis, usually the older ones from ‘60s and ‘70s. People want maintenance parts, lifestyle parts (like) cup holders, seat covers, plus repairs.”

A complete engine from a classic Mini sits on display inside of Mini Mania in Nevada City. The parts distribution center also sells parts for older MGs and similar cars.
Photo: Elias Funez

The business was founded by Don Racine in the Bay Area in 1974. In what proved a futile attempt to retire, Racine moved to Nevada City and continued the business, which eventually fell into Harvey’s hands.

On June 30, Mini Mania completed its acquisition of similar business Seven Enterprises, located in Auburn. Between the two businesses, Harvey said, they provide about 85 percent of Mini parts in the United States.

With the acquisition, he said, “It’s going to mean we will be the big guy. The Mini community is pretty tight and limited. It’s a very niche business, dealing with not only new BMW but also the classic.”

Within a few months the Seven Enterprises location will close, consolidating the two into the Gold Flat Road space.

Nevada City’s Mini Mania owner Jonathan Harvey shows off the vast parts warehouse for the older and new Minis.
Photo: Elias Funez

“Mini Mania has dealt in the classic Mini parts and when BMW reintroduced it in 2002, that made sense for us to get into that market as well,” Harvey explained, clarifying that the BMW model is the one more commonly known as the Mini Cooper.

He also noted that Seven Enterprises has primarily dealt with parts for the classic Mini.

The Mini vehicle was originally produced as a response to the Suez Canal oil crisis, and in an attempt to provide the British with an economically sound and efficient mode of transport.

“In order to conserve space, the Mini was the first car to have a transverse mounted front wheel drive engine, “ he said.

Mini Mania is located at 870 Gold Flat Road in Nevada City.

Police equipment left inside of the old Liverpool patrol Mini on display in Nevada City’s Mini Mania.
Photo: Elias Funez

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