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The new Apple CarPlay interface will pave the way for a Tesla rival from the Cupertino-based tech behemoth. Notably, Apple did not show off its tvOS at WWDC 2022. Nevertheless, the company dropped major clues about its upcoming AR/VR headset at the event. Apple VR / AR headset will be the next big product from the company. Further, Apple is reportedly creating content for its yet-to-be-announced VR / AR headset in collaboration with Hollywood directors.

Despite its absence from WWDC, Apple AR/VR headset was still a talking point at the event. Likewise, Apple’s realityOS was still a hot topic at WWDC. Last week, Apple showed off the new version of CarPlay at the conference. However, the company didn’t just unveil a software update. It gave attendees a glimpse into an electric car. This is without an iota of doubt, the most exciting Apple product. Now, Apple has a reputation for launching something related to its upcoming product.

This enables the tech giant to set the stage for its product before it makes a foray into a new product category. To recap, Apple launched the iPod ten months after launching iTunes. Likewise, Apple released the Health app and HealthKit before unveiling its Apple Watch in 2015. Also, HomeKit’s debut in 2014 predated the arrival of the HomePod smart speaker. The company is currently focusing on augmented and virtual reality. It even launched ARKit about five years ago.

Apple CarPlay Latest Generation Launch

Moreover, Apple is bringing similar technology to its various platforms. So, the company is simply prepping for its impending realityOS and headset. Aside from this, Apple is working on the next generation of CarPlay. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new CarPlay was the most exciting announcement from this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Now, a whopping 98 percent of cars in the US already have Apple CarPlay. However, Gurman predicts that the new CarPlay system isn’t likely to make an appearance on public roads for the next two years.

So, the next generation of Apple CarPlay could make its debut in 2024. Interestingly, Apple decided to announce it in parts. As per Gurman, this approach would put pressure on automakers to use the software. However, some car companies do not like the idea of Apple overtaking their interface. Nevertheless, the software could still be used in an upcoming vehicle. Leading automakers could end up competing with Apple’s future vehicles. Now, the new CarPlay does more than just let you control Apple apps.

You will be able to use the new CarPlay to control an entire vehicle. Further, as per a Wired report, the next-gen CarPlay will boast an impressive array of Widgets as well. Moreover, the report suggests that you will be able to choose between multiple instrument cluster arrangements. Also, it will oust the car’s temperature controls, radio, and more. Moreover, this fully customizable interface will enable users to rearrange their instrument clusters. Likewise, they will be able to personalize their car screens.

What Else To Expect?

Furthermore, users will have access to widgets for smart-home appliances. There will be widgets for music, time zones, and trip data as well. Moreover, the new interface will bring widgets for calendar appointments and weather. So, the well-designed new CarPlay interface could become a must-have feature in new cars. Markedly, it looks more like a completely new OS than a mere new version of CarPlay. However, why does Apple want to roll out this interface to …….



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