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A shortage of car parts and soaring value of components has seen a surge in thefts from vehicles.

The most common car part stolen is the number plate, with a huge 53,400 stolen from vehicles last year, according to national data compiled by insurers Direct Line. 

The rise of CCTV and ANPR cameras has led to criminals stealing number plates to put on another vehicle.

The second most stolen parts were catalytic converters. Earlier this year police warned motorists to be extra vigilant after a big rise in thefts of the exhaust emission control devices in Norfolk.

Catalytic converters are a top target of car part thieves

– Credit: Archant

Figures show there were 505 vehicle thefts and 808 thefts from vehicles, together with 234 cases of interfering with a vehicle, in the county in 2021.

Direct Line has partnered with the University of Huddersfield on a new ‘Truth about Car Theft’ campaign.

Rachel Armitage, professor of criminology, said: “Our research shows that theft of parts from vehicles is a common offence, as criminals see it as high reward and low risk. 

“Ease of entering or stealing vehicles was a recurring theme, with a streamlined process of selling parts and property stolen from unattended vehicles to gain cash.”



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