Open By Chance Or Appointment, This Free Museum Has The Biggest Car Memorabilia Collection In West Virginia – Only In Your State

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When life is expensive, there’s nothing quite like a day out at a free museum to help you pass a pleasant afternoon that’s also easy on your pocketbook! Car lovers and penny pinchers alike will love “The Building.” It’s not only the biggest car collection museum in West Virginia, it’s even got some of the largest automobile related collections in the world.

Also known by the name “Cliff’s Museum of Automobile Memorabilia,” The Building is located in an old autobody shop located at 305 Main Street in Harrisville, West Virginia.

Boasting the biggest collection of car memorabilia in the entire state of West Virginia, including the most complete collection of West Virginia license plates in the world, this massive car museum is definitely worth a stop.

Especially since it’s admission-free!

Outside, notice the old gas pumps and perhaps an old car or two.

More of both can be found inside, along with automobile equipment, oil cans and bottles, car parts, maps, a local West Virginia coca cola bottle collection, motorcycles, auto brand names and advertising, and of course license plates (more than 4,000!).

In fact, it takes every inch of the 13,000-square-foot building to hold all the collectibles in Cliff’s Museum of Automobile Memorabilia.

The Building is divided into various auto-related displays: a World War II era car dealership, a showroom, a parts room, a repair shop, an office, a local history section, a research library, a model restaurant room, and a miscellaneous room.

Is this massive, free space too good to be true? Definitely not, but there is one catch. Cliff’s Museum is only open by chance or by appointment. So if you want to visit, follow Cliff’s excellent advice: “Don’t take a chance, make an appointment.”

Appointments can be made by calling 304-643-4227 or 304-481-5900.

Have you ever visited the biggest car museum in West Virginia? Did you even know it existed? Learn more about Cliff’s Museum website or Facebook page. Love transportation museums? Try this fun train museum in West Virginia, too!

Address: Cliff’s Museum of Car Memorabilia, 305 E Main St, Harrisville, WV 26362, USA



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