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 • Individuals with significant contributions or expenses regularly get refunds. 
 • It is the perfect opportunity to get a set of new rims or car parts to customise your vehicle if you’ve been planning to spoil yourself or your car.
 • A tax refund is usually paid out 72 hours from the assessment date. 

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) tax season began on 1 July 2022. Some will dread it, while others have probably already filed theirs. The latter is because they will most likely receive a ‘free’ cash injection due to SARS owing them money which is dependent on factors like company contributions deductions and medical aid. While several offices around the country are closed due to an ongoing strike, the digital services are still up and running if you have not submitted your returns as yet.

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Perhaps there’s a car part that’s just too pricey, and the only way to purchase it is to save for it monthly, but that could take a while, and you could risk having said item run out of stock. With fuel prices and everything else being inflated, finances are tighter than before. There often isn’t much extra left after all the debit orders are deducted to (adequately) style or even maintain the pride and joy. 

If you’ve been refunded the same amount for an extended period, then you could plan what to do with your tax refund – if you haven’t spent it all yet. Of course, if you have no serious financial commitments, i.e., bond or car repayment, then there is more leeway to kit your car out extensively.

A cash injection 

It’s best to assess your car and note what is needed. It would be pointless to fit a host of custom parts, but your brakes require a replacement. There won’t be another instance where you’d get cash from out of nowhere, so it’s best to cover all the basics and spend the money as wisely as possible. 

Should you be in line for a tax refund from SARS, what (car parts) will you be spending it on? Please email us, or share your comment below. 

July is tax season, and for those that usually get something back from the South African Revenue Service, it can (and most likely will) be spent on these aftermarket parts: 

Some cars, especially earlier KCC and Shamrock examples, are fitted with bolt-on wheels.

Wheels24 Stuart Johnston

A new set of wheels 

One of the best ways to improve the look of any vehicle is to fit a bigger set of aftermarket wheels. There are many brands and designs to choose from, with 15-inch options usually priced anywhere from R4 500 to R6 500. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, it’s wise to spend a bit extra on a new set of tyres too. The standard set of lug nuts will probably look out of place, so it’s worth buying a custom-coloured set to fit the look you are going for. 

A car on show at A State of Stance.

Supplied Gas Magazine – Sashen Govender

Lowering or Coilover kit 


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