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CRANBURY, N.J., Feb. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PARTS iD, Inc. (NYSE American: ID) (“PARTS iD” or “Company”), the owner and operator of, among other verticals, “,” a leading digital commerce platform for the automotive aftermarket, today announced it has surpassed 500 repair classifications within its Shop By Service Type search functionality. The feature allows customers to select a specific replacement part, while the platform searches through more than 16.7 million product SKUs to deliver a thorough list of the exact products needed to complete the task.

Shop By Service Type is built directly into PARTS iD’s proprietary site infrastructure, creating a unique and frictionless customer interface that many competing e-commerce, hybrid or brick-and-mortar businesses do not currently offer. The outstanding feature is that the customer chooses the primary replacement item (for example, brake pads), and the website delivers a wide choice of results while also showing complimentary or optional items frequently needed (brake rotors, brake fluid, and even special brake tools). The benefit is that the customer can order all supplemental products at the same time, rather than later discovering that a necessary component is missing. All products found via Shop by Service Type are guaranteed to fit the vehicle, based on the year, make and model as entered by the customer.

The current Shop by Service Type collection includes major systems such as brakes, cooling, ignition, and suspension, which are broken down into detailed component lists such as brake calipers, radiators, spark plugs, and shock absorbers. The feature’s functionality and scalability are made possible by way of the platform’s robust fitment data, which encompasses over 14 billion unique product and vehicle data points.

“The growth of our Shop by Service Type search capabilities is directly aligned with PARTS iD’s overall efforts to reinvent how shoppers purchase car parts and accessories online. The strength of this feature enables us to build on our industry-leading customer service offerings and drive continued positive sentiment from shoppers,” said Nino Ciappina, CEO of PARTS iD, Inc. “Through consistent investments in platform enhancements that optimize the customer experience on, including Shop by Service Type, PARTS iD is confident in our ability to drive revenue while maintaining low return rates and high customer satisfaction.”

Like other features found across PARTS iD’s stores, Shop By Service Type prioritizes the delivery of an informative, intuitive and confident shopping journey. PARTS iD’s proven commitment to innovation and first-class customer service was recently validated by the Company’s 2021 industry-leading Net Promoter Scores.

With new and used car prices maintaining record levels at the start of 2022, many drivers who are delaying new car purchases are expected to seek repair and replacement services to maintain their existing vehicles. The extensive collection of parts replacement items available to customers through Shop by Service Type and the platform’s industry-leading vehicle fitment data make PARTS iD well-positioned to capture this market.

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PARTS iD is a technology-driven, digital commerce company focused on creating custom infrastructure and unique user experiences within niche markets. Founded in 2008 with a vision of creating a one-stop e-commerce destination for the automotive parts and accessories market, management believes that the Company is a market leader and proven brand-builder, fueled by its commitment to delivering a revolutionary shopping experience; comprehensive, accurate and varied product offerings; and continued digital commerce innovation.

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