People often told a young Bryan Beauregard he should sell cars. Turns out, they were spot on – Berkshire Eagle

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PITTSFIELD — The walls in Bryan Beauregard’s office at the Johnson Dealerships are lined with eight years of framed employee excellence awards.

Beauregard refers to it as his “accolade room.” There are a lot of framed items on the walls because Beauregard is good at what he does. Between 2010 and 2018, he finished among the top 30 new car sellers in the Johnson Dealerships’ region, which stretches from New Jersey to Maine. 

Three years ago, Beauregard left the sales floor to become a sales manager at the dealership, which requires him to oversee the sales force and chip in where necessary. Johnson is the only dealership where he has ever worked.

We asked him what selling motor vehicles is like recently and this is what he told us.  

Q: Why did you want to sell cars?

A: I didn’t. I was told a lot when I was younger that I should be a car salesman.  I never really understood the mentality of it. I was out of work and this was relatively close to where I was living. They hired someone in place of me for a job they had open. But I continued to come in even after they hired this person. That person didn’t work out, and I came in on the right day when that guy wasn’t pulling his weight.

Q: What kind of training do car salespeople go through?

A: Every manufacturer is going to have product information. They’re going to make sure that you can tell Grandma Betty about her navigation system and all the new advanced safety systems whether they’re standards or add-ons. How they do their phone systems. They’re going to make sure that their salespeople, when talking to their customers, can intelligently explain these features and their products.

Q: Do they teach you how to make a sale?

A: Whether they go through sales training … I don’t want to call it the meat and potatoes of it. But there’s steps to a sale from the meet and greet, to the needs assessment, to the presentation, to the walk around, the test drive, the trial closing on people. I don’t think every manufacturer does that, and I don’t think every dealership does. We don’t do it so much here [in the Berkshires]. We’re very home grown. But in some of the bigger cities you’ll hear the word today a lot more in the presentation of the car. Today, today, today, today. And that’s to break it down so you take that car home when? Today.

Q: So you can’t just walk in off the street and get a job selling cars, right?

A: So what you’re asking about is do we teach acumen. That’s a word I’ve read in a lot of books about sales because it’s what I do. Acumen is a word that describes car salespeople or any type of sales people. You can walk into a building and talk to the CEO of Greylock Federal Credit Union and in your next breath you can talk to the fry cook at Burger King. And both people will feel like you are in the conversation with them. You know what they’re talking about. Not fake, but you can hold a conversation with anybody.

Q: How do you learn that? Would you say it’s a natural skill, or does it take practice?</…….



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