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Captured on Nintendo Switch (Docked)

Look, we know everyone has already collected all the Pinchcliffe Grand Prix memorabilia there is to collect. We’re sure that as you read this you’re sitting there in your Pinchcliffe Grand Prix pyjamas and shaking with fear at the prospect of buying another piece of Pinchcliffe merchandise, because your partner has threatened to throw you out if you dare add any more objects to the seven rooms of Pinchcliffe tat you’ve already filled to bursting. Worry not, though, because at least this one’s available digitally, meaning you can add to your brimming collection without taking up any more valuable space in your home.

If you’ll allow us to take our sarcastic tongue out of our cheek now, the reality is that Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is actually a big deal in some parts of the world, especially its native Norway. Released in 1975, the film is the most widely seen Norwegian movie of all time.

To put it into perspective, Norway’s population is around 5 million, and yet the film sold 5.5 million tickets during its theatrical run. To be fair, though, that’s probably because it was in cinemas for a total of 28 years (and that’s not a bad joke, that’s the actual truth). So yes, if you live outside of Norway you might not have heard of Pinchcliffe (or Flåklypa Grand Prix as it’s also known), but that doesn’t mean it’s insignificant.

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked)

If you aren’t familiar with it, the film tells the story of Theodore Rimspoke, a vehicle inventor who lives with his animal friends, a hedgehog called Lambert and a magpie called Sonny. When Theodore discovers that his former assistant has stolen his racing car blueprint and become a world champion with it, he and his chums decide to build their own version of the car with funding from a wealthy Arab sheik – who’s a bit of a dodgy stereotype, given that the film was from the ’70s – and enter the next race themselves.

The title may suggest that this is a straightforward karting game, but in reality Pinchcliffe Grand Prix has a story mode which has to be completed before any actual racing can take place. Thankfully or disappointingly, depending on your view – this story mode can be finished in around an hour or so (so we suppose in that respect it’s accurate to the film).

The story mode takes the form of a charming point-and-click adventure, but don’t start picturing Monkey Island or Sam & Max in your head: there’s precisely zero challenge here because the game constantly tells you at the top of the screen what you have to do next so there are no real puzzles to solve or anything like that..

Despite the complete lack of difficulty, this mode is lovely to look at regardless because of the game’s mostly successful attempt to match the source material’s stop-motion claymation appearance. Characters and backgrounds look lovely, and clips from the film will occasionally be slipped in at certain moments with very little difference in art style.

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Docked)

Dotted around the Story mode’s various areas are a selection of ‘fun facts’ which can be found, containing hilariously dull information on such completely random topics as the history of beds, the properties of silk and how much of a human’s …….



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