Porsche cuts output again on Ukraine-related parts shortages – Automotive News Europe

March 29, 2022 by No Comments

“In the coming days and weeks, we will continuously reassess the situation,” the spokesperson said.

Production of the Taycan full-electric sedan in Zuffenhausen and the Macan and Panamera SUVs in Leipzig will be affected as single shifts are cancelled. Production of the 911 and 718 sports cars in Zuffenhausen is running as planned.

Porsche has already temporarily halted Taycan output and production of the Macan on a number of days this month because of supply shortages.

Other automakers including Volkswagen Group, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Ford, have been forced to cut output at European factories as the Ukraine war disrupts supply chains.

VW has delayed the market launch of its ID5 electric car by a month due to a lack of wire harnesses.

Suppliers such as wire harness maker Leoni, which operate plants in Ukraine, are unable to produce at full capacity.

Manufacturers are currently trying, in cooperation with suppliers, to transfer the production of wiring harnesses to other plants. However, setting up new lines takes a lot of time.

Source: https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/porsche-cuts-output-again-ukraine-related-parts-shortages


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