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May 16, 2022 by No Comments

May 16, 2022—Prevention may be the best course of action for customers hoping to avoid long wait times for major car repairs.

According to 2 News Oklahoma, the rise of used car prices means that many drivers are opting to repair instead of replace their vehicles. This means higher demand for car parts, which in turn causes longer wait times for customers.

Hunter Lindsey, a service manager at Christian Brothers Automotive, told 2 News Oklahoma that his team sees around 100 cars per week regarding repairs for major areas like engines, transmissions and more.

“More now than ever people are wanting to invest in what they already have,” says Lindsey to 2 News. 

He goes on to explain that his team deals with a lot of major vehicle repairs, and some of the parts that they need can take weeks to get to the shop. He cites electrical components as some of the hardest part to get their hands on. 

This is the most challenging experience in accessing parts that Lindsey has seen, he tells 2 News. Although supply chain issues are expected to improve in the future, for now Lindsey’s best advice for his customers is to be diligent with preventative car care and to get their vehicles serviced often. 



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