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YouTube-based video producer Donut Media is teaming up with for its first new series of the year, “DIY or Don’t.”

Donut is owned by Recurrent
Ventures, the digital media company with 20 enthusiast-driven brands, including The Drive, Field & Stream and

“DIY or Don’t”premiered on Feb 16.
It’s hosted by Donut’s resident DIY expert, Zach Jobe. In each episode, Jobe teams up with expert craftsmen and mechanics to evaluate a specific repair — and to answer the age-old
question: “Should I take my car to a professional or do it myself?”

The show will highlight major car repairs, from changing a tire, to dent repair, to a full-engine rebuild,
providing information on average costs and specialized tools to the best approaches for each repair and what caused the issue in the first place.



“In every episode, regardless of whether
Zach ultimately recommends ‘DIY or Don’t,’ we always want to equip viewers with the knowledge they need to understand an issue — if not empower them to roll up their sleeves and grab their
tools,” Donut Chief Creative Officer Jesse Wood said. “A partner like is an organic fit for this type of show because they offer many of the parts and tools viewers might need
for a variety of fixes and repair projects.”

The series will air on Donut’s YouTube Channel for an initial
run of eight weeks and include integrations from across four episodes.

Donut Media, founded in 2015, is a multiplatform media company dedicated to accessible automotive content.
It touts itself as the top automotive YouTube channel in the U.S., with over two billion views, driven by a pioneering comedic approach. Its catalog of original series includes “Up to Speed,”
“Money Pit,” and “HiLow.” It also operates a merchandise line, brokers on-screen branding deals, licenses content internationally, and has a collectible car brand, Stocky.

Publicly traded has over 25 years of experience and delivered more than 50 million parts, according to the Donut press release.



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