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Robots of all shapes and sizes were dotted around the restaurant, while four talking robots delivered food to customers sat at tables.

Robotazia restaurant.

Kate Duffy/Insider

Read more about the talking server robots here.

Optimus Prime, who was made out of salvaged car and motorbike parts, used to stand outside a store in London before the restaurant adopted it, Swannell said.

Optimus Prime robot in Robotazia.

Kate Duffy/Insider

Near the door stood Iron Man. Swannell said that the restaurant was selling the huge recycled replica for around £4,000 ($5,300).

A replica of Iron Man in Robotazia.

Kate Duffy/Insider

Co-owner Joy Gittens told Insider how she collected around 800 Yves Saint Lauren makeup boxes for Swannell to make “Yslabelle.”

“Yslabelle” at Robotazia.

Kate Duffy/Insider

Meet “Mike Dyson,” who was made entirely out of recycled Dyson vacuum cleaners. At three metres tall, it’s the biggest robot in the restaurant.

“Mike Dyson” the boxing robot at Robotazia.

Kate Duffy/Insider

After assembling the robot, Swannell painted it red and brown. I thought Mike Dyson was the most impressive robot in the restaurant.

The foot of “Mike Dyson”, made out of old vacuum cleaner parts.

Kate Duffy/Insider

Adam 1971, made out of recycled waste, had a Star Wars aura. It was one of the smaller robots, standing at 147cm high and weighing 15kg.

Adam 1971, one of the smaller robots in Robotazia.

Kate Duffy/Insider

Tagan was one of the bigger robots in the restaurant. It was made from assorted recycled materials, including vacuum cleaners, and car parts.

Tagan is made from assorted recycled materials.

Kate Duffy/Insider

This Transformer-like robot, called “Audibot”, was mainly made from a children’s toy electric car. It also has parts from a pressure washer, a bike and an engine.

“Audibot” on display in Robotazia.

Kate Duffy/Insider

Gittens and Swannell found Tronik stored away at an industrial unit. The robot has the ability to turn its head and body, and its eyes light up blue when it’s switched on.

Tronik the robot at Robotazia.

Kate Duffy/Insider



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