Revealed: Drag-beating parts that F1 teams brought to Baku –

June 11, 2022 by No Comments

We will see a variety of solutions in play this weekend but teams will likely settle on the lowest downforce setup they can get away with, in order that they’re not penalised on the long main straight that includes the start/finish line.

Most have brought new low downforce front and rear wing solutions, while the general development war continues to rage too.

Here’s what the teams have reported as being new for the event:

Mercedes W13 rear wing

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

Mercedes W13 front wing detail

Mercedes has brought lower downforce front and rear wings, with smaller chord and reduced angle of attack flap elements for the front wing (note how the trailing edge of the upper flap has been cut away), while the upper elements of the rear wing take up less space in the allowable box section.

Mercedes W13 mirror detail

The team has also added a lower deflector beneath the side-impact system fairing (red arrow), which is loosely described as being part of the mirror stay structure but has more to do with helping to correct the direction of any localised flow that’s moving around the sidepod.

Red Bull

Red Bull Racing RB18 floor

Red Bull Racing RB18 diffuser

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

Red Bull had already modified its front brake and caliper arrangement for Monaco and has made further changes in Baku to improve cooling. Meanwhile, to help with the additional loads that the floor will sustain, the team has added an external wire to better support the section ahead of the rear tyre.

It has also altered the fillet radius of the floor surface to expose the fences in pursuit of local load, which has resulted in changes on the floors edge to further optimise performance across the board.

Interestingly, and not noted by Red Bull in the report, is the switch to a single beam wing element, as it looks for ways to reduce drag without dramatically compromising downforce.

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