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Saints Row Car Parts are a scavenger hunt for building some of the best vehicles in the game. Saints Row doesn’t do anything by half so, of course, all the car parts you need to collect are strung up on some Mad Max-style car part windmills. Tracking down all of these parts will fill your garage with seven of the strangest vehicles in the game. Here are the locations for all of the Saints Row Car Parts.

Saints Row Car Parts: Preparation

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There are seven vehicles to collect through gathering car parts. They vary in speed, power and general usefulness. The six vehicles you can acquire are:

  • Vindicator Rocket Car
  • Ghost of the Frying Dutchman
  • Heavyweight Monster Truck
  • Tinfoil Potato
  • Widowmaker Motorcycle
  • The Ant
  • Golden Dump Truck

Most of these vehicles are earned through gathering the Lost Wheels discovery collectables. These are all automatically marked on your map from early in the game, so tracking them down is not a difficult task. Not all of them are easy to get to, but none of them should cause you much trouble to get.

To make life easier, it is a good idea to bring a helicopter for this. Some of the items are on elevated areas that are not easy to get to on foot. Thankfully, a handful of missions through the main story will unlock a helipad and give you easy access to a helicopter at all times.

Only one of these vehicles does not come from finding Lost Wheels. Fittingly, to get the Golden Dump Truck, you need to go Dumpster Diving. Dumpster Diving is as glamorous an activity as it sounds, but thankfully you do not need to do a lot of it. Searching through four specific dumpsters will get you the gold truck.

Saints Row Car Parts: Vindicator Rocket Car

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Here are the locations for all of the Lost Wheels car parts you need to get to unlock the Vindicator Rocket Car.

  • Badlands North – In the northern part of the region, in the hills north of the bend in the road to the prisonĀ 
  • Badlands North – Still in the northern part of the region, east of the previous part, beside a railway bridge
  • Badlands North – Directly south of the previous part, near a bridge on the main road
  • Badlands North – South again from the previous parts, on a hill just outside the city
  • Badlands North – Southwest of the previous part, this one is also in the hills just west of the city, directly west of the Impressions and Everything is a Million Dollars clothes stores

With those parts collected, the Vindicator Rocket Car will appear in your garage.

Saints Row Car Parts: Ghost of the Frying Dutchman

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Track down all of these Lost Wheels car parts to get yourself the Ghost of the Frying Dutchman.

  • Rojas Desert North: In the north of the region, on a short cliff overlooking the Kavanagh County Park Service building. Use a helicopter or the nearby Weather Station to wingsuit up there
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