Steel Industry Loves The New E-Motive Autonomous Electric Vehicle — Of Course They Do! – CleanTechnica

December 6, 2021 by No Comments

The amount of steel used in cars has dropped like a rock in recent years, and steel makers are casting about for a lifeline. They may have found it in the Steel E-Motive, a new fully autonomous electric vehicle designed through a collaboration between the trade organization WorldAutoSteel and the environmental engineering firm Ricardo.

Steel & The Lightweight Autonomous Electric Vehicle Of The Future

Steel may not seem like the best choice for the EV of the future, mainly on account of its weight. Indeed, the global auto industry is pivoting into advanced materials, partly motivated by the search for lightweight car parts. Lighter weight and improved strength improve fuel efficiency in gasmobiles. The electric vehicle version of that is longer battery range.

That leaves steel the odd person out. The Center for Automotive Research has intensively researched the lightweighting trend, and in a recent report, CAR listed the drivers:

Materials Systems: novel lowcost, highperformance composite sandwich construction with honeycomb cores, nextgeneration lowcost carbon fibers, 7xxx series aluminum, gen3 steels, graphene, and nanobased composites.

Manufacturing: significantly lowercost highvolume fullyautomated polymeric composite manufacturing methods (e.g., HPRTM, Spray Transfer Molding (STM), straight and curved pultrusion, toolless manufacturing, and highvolume additive manufacturing.

Enablers: multi…….



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