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April 27, 2022 by No Comments

A truck stolen from a busy shopping center in Edmond led authorities to a larger investigation. Oklahoma City police found a yard of stolen cars and other belongings in the far northeast part of the city while they were looking for the truck.  

It took officers less than an hour on Saturday to locate the stolen truck. The accused truck thieves led officers straight to their hideout. 

A shopping trip in Edmond turned into a hunt for Erick Pierce and Teresa Bell’s Chevy truck. It was stolen while they were inside a store over the weekend. 

“We came out and the truck was gone,” said Teresa Bell, truck stolen. 

Pierce said he was shocked someone would want his 1997 truck and now believes it can happen to anybody. 

“I never thought somebody would steal a 25-year-old truck,” said Erick Pierce, truck owner. “But they sure did. In Edmond, in broad daylight.” 

Pierce said he realized he left his work phone in the truck. It pinged to a secluded address near northeast 43rd street and Anderson Road. 

“So, I just gave the address to the police and the rest is history,” said Pierce. Officers spotted the stolen truck with two men inside. They drove it to a home littered with vehicles, car parts, bikes and yard tools. 

“A traffic stop was made prior to it pulling into the residence,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk, Oklahoma City Police Department. 

The police body camera captured the arrest. The man who stepped out of the truck was identified as 61-year-old Ben Lyons. Police then led 24-year-old Nicholas Quisenberry out of the truck at gunpoint. 

“While officers were there, several other vehicles were located on the property that were identified as stolen,” said Quirk. 

Police said one of the stolen cars was stripped down and not drivable. Officers contacted the owners to pick up their stolen property. 

Bell and Pierce were relieved to get their truck back the same day and realize others may not have the same luck. “They said it’s an ongoing investigation,” said Bell. “There’s more than likely quite a few more.” 

Police also arrested 52-year-old David Baker. They said he was taking tools out of one the cars on the property that was reported stolen. 



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