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A new video of a Tesla Model 3 has emerged on the video hosting platform TikTok that shows the owner of the car raiding a body shop only to find out his rented car with a replaced bumper and opened bonnet.

Frank Valdez who is a realtor, investor, and TikToker rented his red Tesla Model 3 on Turo. Later on, when he started getting various notifications on his Tesla mobile app, he checked what is happening to his car remotely. Thanks to the live Sentry Mode camera access remotely on the mobile feature, he saw that something is not right.

After locating his car via the Tesla mobile app’s GPS system, he raided the place where it was being parked, only to find out it was a body shop. Looking further, he found out that the original bumper of his Tesla Model 3 was removed and an aftermarket un-colored bumper was installed on the car (video below).

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Upon confronting the body shop staff about what was going on with his car, Frank was told that the guys were just testing aftermarket stuff on this Tesla Model 3. The owner then told the guys at the body shop he would call the cops — so he was told that his car will be back to its original shape in about two hours.

The Tesla Model 3 owners felt that this body shop was trying to steal their car parts but some Reddit users who know this shop in California think they were just testing and calibrating their aftermarket products on this vehicle.

However, even if they were just testing, it was ethically, morally, and legally wrong to do so without the consent of the vehicle owner. Frank Valdez later found out that this specific body shop also has a Tesla and exotic car parts website.

A Tesla electric car has many sensors that send signals if the bonnet, boot, or door of the car is opened, then the car sends notifications to the owner’s mobile phone for such events. 8 exterior cameras and 1 cabin camera also allow the owner to look at what’s happening around the car via his mobile phone, attempting such a stunt on a rented Tesla vehicle can get you in trouble.

Let’s watch the Tesla Model 3 owner’s interesting raid on the body shop during their act.

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Source: https://www.teslaoracle.com/2022/04/28/tesla-model-3-owner-catches-a-body-shop-replacing-his-car-parts-after-renting-it-on-turo-video/


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