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Photo: VCG (Getty Images)

Tesla has asked the Chinese government to prioritize power to its suppliers in Sichuan province, which is experiencing power shortages during a historic heatwave. Automakers Tesla and SAIC warned city officials in Shanghai that production could decline because supplier factories in Sichuan were ordered to temporarily shut down to conserve energy, as Bloomberg reports.

In response to the warnings, officials at the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information sent a request to other officials in Sichuan asking for the supply of electricity to be extended to Chengdu Yinlin Car Parts and another 15 unnamed parts suppliers.

It’s unclear what specific auto parts Tesla and SAIC could run out of due to the factory closures, but it’s likely that the carmakers’ Sichuan suppliers provide critical components, such as microchips and lithium. The carmakers haven’t had production delays yet, but they’re concerned about imminent production halts if supplies run out.

Tesla decline to comment, while SAIC confirmed that it is coordinating with the government of Sichuan to reduce the impact of the power loss, per Bloomberg.

Photo: Yang Bo (Getty Images)

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But the request for power to be prioritized for auto and EV production made its way to Chinese social media, and the carmakers are now facing heavy criticism. City officials in Shanghai are also facing backlash for the request and are being called “selfish” and “arrogant” on social networks:

“The lives of people in Sichuan seem less important than Tesla,” one post read.

Another said: “It is just too much. We are in desperate need of electricity. Thirteen people were hospitalized yesterday out of heat stroke.”

Sichuan is facing one of its worst heatwaves in decades; the high heat and drought is straining its power grid, which relies on water reservoirs and hydro dams to generate electricity. As electricity supply dropped, local government started taking measures to conserve energy. Factories were ordered to close from August 15 through 20, and residents were asked to curb air conditioner use. Now, the carmakers are asking the government to put them first in …….

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