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Need new wheel bearings? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the top wheel bearings in 2022 and learn more in our handy buying guide. Have you noticed a strange grating or humming noise coming from your car’s wheels? Drive straight and the sound is there, turn slightly and it stops. Chances are that you have a worn-out wheel bearing. These tiny components support the entire weight of your car while you’re driving, so it’s crucial to replace them as quickly as possible to prevent further complications.

When you start searching for wheel bearings, you’ll see that there are many options available. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the highest-rated wheel bearings currently on the market in 2022. Check out our picks and keep reading to learn more about wheel bearings in our buying guide below.

What are the leading wheel bearings of 2022?

Timken Front Wheel Bearing: Recommended

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In the top spot of our list, we have the Timken front wheel bearing and hub assembly. This wheel bearing is constructed from a high-quality steel alloy that offers increased durability and strength, which means it can withstand significant mileage without experiencing any problems. This wheel bearing also sports a heavy-duty seal and shield configuration that protects the inner bearing from unwanted dust particles and extends the bearing’s longevity. This wheel bearing is a universal fit and it can improve fuel efficiency as well as vehicle handling. It’s also as much as 30 percent stiffer than a conventional wheel bearing hub, meaning that you’ll have a stronger, sturdier bearing to support your vehicle.


  • Universal wheel bearing fit
  • Strong, sturdy design
  • Improves fuel efficiency and handling


  • Can wear out relatively quickly

Maysaf Front Wheel Bearing Assembly: High quality

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Mayasaf is a trusted manufacturer in the automotive industry, and this front wheel bearing can make a great addition to your car. It can provide top performance without causing any sorts of sounds or vibrations, and you can purchase either a single wheel bearing or a pack of two. These wheel bearings are quick and easy to install and they exceed OE standards, making for a top-notch addition to your vehicle. This wheel bearing will fit a wide range of cars, and there’s even a helpful buying guide on the product page to find out if it will be right for your vehicle. There’s a one-year warranty included with your purchase, and if any issues pop up the manufacturer urges you to contact them so that they can help you figure things out.


  • Offers smooth, quiet performance
  • Fits a wide range of cars
  • One-year warranty included



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