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June 30, 2022 by No Comments

In an era where supply chain issues are a constant headache for automakers, it’s remarkable to learn the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq doesn’t feature a single parts bin interior component. It’s a welcome change and one that has been long overdue for GM’s luxury brand.

Interior quality has long been Cadillac’s Achilles’ heel as they’re a luxury brand, but have access to a huge selection of GM components. There’s an obvious temptation to use them as it saves money, and there’s always the argument of whether or not customers will care if their windows switches or door handles are shared with something like the Chevrolet Blazer or Buick Enclave.

While a number of owners would probably never notice, it introduces an air of cheapness into the vehicle. Furthermore, these parts bin components can add up and ultimately result in a luxury vehicle that falls short of being truly luxurious.

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This has been the case with a number of Cadillacs over the years as the original Escalade was little more than a badge-engineered GMC Yukon Denali with some extra wood trim. However, that was decades ago and Cadillac has been steadily chipping away at hints of cheapness.

The Lyriq shows the way forward as it features exclusive interior components, which won’t be shared with other GM brands. It’s part of their effort to elevate Cadillac through technology and improved craftsmanship.

These efforts are immediately apparent through the Lyriq’s modern design, but it’s in the small details where the differences really stand out. Those window switches we talked about earlier? They’re gloss black with metallic accents and have a sense of heft when you use them.

Elsewhere, there’s real metal door handles that feature an elegant design as well as a substantial feel when you lift them up. It’s also impossible to ignore the quality of the dashboard and door panels as well as the laser cut open-pore Dark Ash wood trim. The latter is undoubtedly some of the nicest wood ever installed in a Cadillac and it looks better than some of the trim used by competitors.

The attention to detail extends beyond what you can easily see and touch as there’s a dedicated storage slot for the cargo cover, beneath the luggage compartment. It’s things like that which show the company sweated the smallest details and tried to make the best vehicle they could.

That’s not to say the Lyriq is perfect as there are a handful of items that fall a little short. In particular, the switchgear for the power folding rear seats are flimsy and the plastic back there doesn’t exactly scream high quality. Of course, this is a cargo compartment we’re talking about so these are light criticisms.

They’re certainly nothing to complain about as the Lyriq Debut Edition costs $59,990, and that’s $61,000 cheaper than the similarly-sized Tesla Model X. While that’s an imperfect comparison, it’s remarkable what Cadillac was able to accomplish.

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