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May 6, 2022 by No Comments

Photo: dbeach84

Oh I threw soooo much stupid stuff at my Neon. Look at this interior. LOOK AT IT:

Look at the Krylon spray-painted dash. The expensive shift knob FOR AN AUTOMATIC that I ordered from Japan. The pedal covers. The “sport” seat covers and floor mats. The Sony “XPLODE” speakers in the doors that the window cranks would hit – and no amp, just coming straight off the 200W Pioneer head unit. The old Motorola cell phone in the holder screwed to the dash. THE DICE.

It gets better:

Ebay CAI? Check. Faux braided metal wire and pipe wraps? Check. Painted valve cover? Check. There’s headers and an aluminum underdrive pulley there too. And MSD ignition and wires. At least that “CAI” was fed by fresh air from the…

…HOOD SCOOP! Yes, an ABS plastic hood scoop, bought off Ebay and lovingly hand-painted by yours truly (with rattle can paint), after punching a hole in the hood to (hopefully) feed air to the intake and IT’S GOOD FOR 20 HP BECAUSE THE AD SAID SO.

K-Mart fog lights, hardware store mesh grill inserts, Ebay vinyl racing stripes (again, added by me), AutoZone hubcaps over the 15″ steelies. Can’t see the “dual” stainless exhaust out back (which actually sounded pretty good all things considered.) Thankfully, no ridiculous wing or clear tail lights – I had some standards.

Before this, I had my Dodge Shadow…which I think at one point had the chrome windshield wipers that reflected sunlight right into my eyes, and one of those Pep Boys bolt-one 3″ exhaust tips that fell off on the highway and may have caused an accident.

Look: Not everyone will have the same tastes in styling, and that’s completely fine. And sure, some of these mods are the kind of thing we’d politely call period correct, or impolitely call dated. But consider this: The original Neon, in its day, was incredible in SCCA autocross. You added power, improved the sound, and made the interior a place you wanted to spend your time. To my mind, that’s a good result.

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